The Art of Blogging

To me, to be a blogger meant to be able to have a subject that needs out of turn attention in our routine lives. Blogging to me was to be able to express in writing, something glamorous like journalism. To my surprise I realized blogging was really meant for people who have art of jabbing/ talking. People who speak to neighbors, passer-by just generally. Hello John, it’s a windy day, you see, types. People who call sisters, mothers, families as a daily routine to describe what they did from the time they got up to the moment they are on phone.
So one could simply write about how one managed furniture and did some decorative ribbons when moved to a new geography or how to keep your home clean. You could simply be writing about how to preserve tomatoes or manage the damn dog.

Blogs and Bloggers have an audience larger than just the family, friends and neighbors. Blogs are shared worldwide and then in this infinite world another family is born which preserves the tomatoes per your blog and those who tried and just couldn’t get there. The war of rotten Tomatoes, where sanity could never be preserved. But then this keeps a lot of jobless people occupied and a sense of being occupied having given back, keeps them sane.
Then somebody visits OMG [Oh–My–God] Egypt and writes about everything from roads, dresses, to kind Egyptians to food. Since everyone knows everything about every country these days, such blogs are mainly meant for scoring brownie points, mainly with the other side of the family.
Thanks to who ever discovered blogging, the number of mental patients all over the world is dropping. Instead of going into rhythmic blabber in a lone street, they now blog to vent their feelings/ thoughts in daily dose of blogs. They now have a comfortable feeling of several people having heard them. Doctors are fast losing their mental peace.
Blogs are just generally the best thing to have happened to human kind. Every human has a right to express. So far we just didn’t know what to do with several million brain cells, we are gifted with. We just carried these bundles in our head and travelled Down Town, every single day. Till one day the creative imagination exploded and blogging was born. Life has been bloggingly good, since then.

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